Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting to Know Sylvia Lewis Tyler

200 years ago, a 15 year old girl named Sylvia Lewis, daughter of Royce Lewis and Ruth Parmalee, started a diary in Connecticut. Her and her friends, like many young women today, decided that they would record the details of their lives. Little did Sylvia know, she would continue her diary for 20+ years. She would record her family's move from Connecticut to Ohio, her first years of marriage, the births and deaths of her children, and the daily happenings of women in frontier Ohio.

Sylvia Lewis (6 Jun 1785 - 18 Dec 1851) would eventually become Sylvia Tyler, after marrying Abel Tyler (1785 - 2 Jan 1853) in Trumbull County, Ohio. Sylvia gave birth to 7 children. All but one, Susan who died at the age of 2 days, lived into adulthood. In addition, Sylvia and Able fostered a young girl named Hannah Goodwin for a period of 4 years and adopted a young girl named Sarah Thompson in infancy. The children are listed in age order below:

  • Hannah Goodwin (fostered): 
    • b. 6 Apr 1804 in New Hartford, CT 
    • d. 1876 in Grant, WI
  • Lewis Alderman Tyler
    • b. 26 Sep 1810 in New Hartford, CT 
  • Ruth Parmalee Tyler Humason
    • b. 2 Mar 1813 in CT 
    • d. 20 Mar 1910 in Mantorville, Dodge, MN
  • Sally Thompson Tyler Squires (adopted): 
    • b. 1 Feb 1818 in PA 
  • Susan Tyler
    • b. 2 Jun 1818 in Vienna, Trumbull, OH 
    • d. 4 Jun 1818 in Vienna, Trumbull, OH
  • Norman Woodruff Tyler
    • b. 21 Jan 1822 in Vienna, Trumbull, OH
  • Abel Royce Tyler
    • b. 6 Jul 1823 in Vienna, Trumbull, OH 
    • d. 24 Aug 1879 in WI
  • Sylvia Amanda Tyler Bushnell
    • b. 1826 in Vienna, Trumbull, OH 
  • Nathan Bailey Derrow Tyler
    • b. 14 Jul 1828 in Vienna, Trumbull, OH 
Sylvia died in 1851 in Vienna, Trumbull, OH. Her husband, Abel Tyler, married a woman named Sarah M. Truesdell on 2 Jan 1853. As far as I am aware, Abel and Sarah did not have any children. Sarah died within a few years of their marriage. After Sarah's passing, Abel and a few of his children from his marriage to Sylvia moved to the Grant County area of Wisconsin. To this day, the descendants of Sylvia and Able can be found living in this area.

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