Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Trees and Ornaments

I've taken some liberty with the how I've decided to participate in the Geneablogger's Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. I've decided to combine a few of the questions so that the stories would flow better.  I have asked my Mom and maternal Grandmother to answer the same prompts in an effort to have a generational view.  As usual, they accepted my request and you will find our memories written from the first person perspective below.

Christmas Trees and Ornaments

Me: We always had a real tree. My dad managed the local Christmas Tree Farm when I was a kid. Some years he would have a few trees picked out and other years we would just wander until we found one we loved, but we always cut it down and drug it to the truck together. We would decorate it together, with us kids hanging most of the ornaments. Each of us kids had a box of ornaments that were given to us over the years and we were the only ones who could hang those. Every year my Maternal G-Ma, who's thoughts are below, would give us an ornament. I have an amazing collection of Barbie ones from Hallmark. Even though I am 27, I still feel like a little kid when I proudly hang them on my tree. I hope I have a daughter someday who will appreciate them.

Mum: Odd, but I don't have any recollection if our tree was real or not; nor do I remember decorating it.

G-Ma: We always had a real tree. Dad and the boys [her 3 brothers] would go out into the woods and cut one down. First, us kids would always string popcorn and cranberries and hang it on the tree. Mom liked tinsel and would put it on the tree after us kids had finished placing the few family ornaments we had. We were poor and didn't have anything fancy, but my Mom really liked the sparkle of the tinsel. After Christmas we would put the tree outside and the birds would eat the popcorn and cranberries.

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