Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa and Stockings

This is my third entry for the Geneabloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. Once again you will find entries from myself, my Mom, and maternal Grandmother (in first person perspective) below.

Santa and Stockings

Santa was always a big part of our holiday festivities. Santa would visit us on Christmas Eve night and we would open our gifts on Christmas morning. My mother worked nights as a nurse and we would have to wait until she returned home before we could even see the presents under the tree. To make sure we didn't sneak a peak, my dad would put a series of strips of tape across the hallway, and he could tell if we moved them. We never once dared to sneak past for fear of losing our Santa presents. Santa would also stuff our stockings with small toys, bath soaps, card games, etc. and leave one big gift for each of us under the tree.

Mum: Santa came during the night to our house, but our neighbors always had their Santa Claus gifts on Christmas Eve. I could never quite figure that one out. The year I was really starting to doubt Santa's existence there was BREAKING NEWS ALERT on TV - something was spotted flying through the sky - I clearly recall thinking he must be real then if it was on the news. Later that night I was trying to get to sleep and I heard my mom come up the stairs and open the attic door - I called her name and asked what she was doing. She mumbled something and then said "well you don't believe in Santa anymore, do you" and proceeded to get the presents out of the attic. Nope, not anymore I don't!!

G-Ma: We believed in Santa, oh God, yes we did. We looked forward to his visit all year. Our stockings would be filled with oranges, apples, and nuts most years. If there was extra money we would sometimes get a small toy in them, but that rarely happened.

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