Friday, January 1, 2010

Genealogy Goals: January 2010

Taking a cue from several other genea-bloggers, I will begin the new year by setting a few genealogy related goals for myself.  Instead of doing a list of year-long goals I have decided to set monthly goals for myself in hopes of streamlining my research.  I am a part-time genealogist and would like to have a more defined focus for the short time I have to do research, which should allow me to make bigger dents in solving the unknown and breaking down brickwalls.

I have set three goals for myself this month:
  1. Read the book "William Semans" by Mary McRoberts that my G-Ma gave me. It is thick and held together with rubber bands. Apparently there is mention of my GGGrandfather Ulysses G. Lindley and his shared ancestors with William Semans.
  2. Try, again, to locate a passenger list for Hans J and Antonette (Hoff) Hanson who sailed from Norway to America before 1880. I'm not even sure they came over together, so this should be interesting!
  3. Research different ancestral DNA tests so that I can purchase the one that best fits my needs.

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  1. Thanks for joining me! Hope you accomplish all of your goals.