Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Best Genealogy Moment if 2009

Once again, genealogy great Randy Seaver (of Genea-Musings fame) has his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge up. The question this week asks us "What was your best Genealogy Moment during 2009?"

Anyone who has been reading my blog, or is following me on Twitter, knows that the discovery that my 5th great-grandmother, Sylvia Lewis Tyler, had written a diary that still exists was, by far, my greatest genealogy moment of 2009. I had once wished to find something "interesting" about a family member, knowing that we were just normal, hard working farmers for the most part. Well, in May of 2009, I learned that genealogy dreams do come true!

From this discovery, I have one specific moment that meant more to mean than any other::

"I opened one of the folders and stared at the diary laying inside. I honestly wasn't this nervous on my wedding day. I ever-so-lightly brushed two fingers across the cover that simple stated "1808". I felt as if my dear Sylvia was standing over my shoulder telling me to turn the page. I did and a flood of tears poured down my face. With each page I turned they continued to pour. My husband and the curator each placed a gentle hand on my back and said nothing. They knew how much Sylvia meant to me and let me have my time with her."

If you wish to read more about what led to this moment you can do so here. Also, I have blog entries on my discovery of the diary, my visit to her grave, Sylvia's background, and a detailed look into the diaries themselves. I feel so blessed to have experienced all of this in one short year.


  1. This is a great story. I had a similar 1808 experince this year.

  2. It would be hard to top a discovery like this!

    As one of the blogs I enjoy reading the most, I have selected yours for the Happy 101 award. You can pick it up at Ancestor Soup ( I'm looking forward to your 2010 posts!