Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where is Emma A. (Dean) Tyler?

Most of my readers are familiar with Sylvia Lewis Tyler, of Sylvia's Diary fame. Today, my post is going to focus on her daughter-in-law, Emma A. Dean. Emma married Abel and Sylvia's son Abel Royce (known as A.R.). Emma is a bit elusive and I've struggled trying to find information on her, vital records included.  Here is what I know:

In 1852, Emma Dean and Abel Royce Tyler were married in Vienna, Ohio. The Trumbull Co. Ohio Marriage Record Index 1800-1900 lists their marriage as follows:
Tyler, Abel Royce & Dean, Emma age 16 of Vienna married 9 Sept 1852 by U K Booth JP; mother, Lydia Dean consented.
I was unable to located Emma and/or Abel in the 1860 US Census. Their children were all born in Wisconsin, so maybe they were in Wisconsin at this time. In the 1870 US Census they are living in Rochester, Minnesota, which is not that far from the area of Wisconsin where they had family and later settled.

By 1870, Abel and Emma (listed as Alell and Emma) were living in Rochester, Minnesota with four children and a domestic servant. Abel was a physician and Emma was keeping house. All four children in the household were listed as having attended school in the past year. David, Abel's child from his first marriage to Eunice A. Waldorf, is listed as age 14. Charles is listed as 11 and daughter Mary is listed as 2 years old.

Tragedy struck in Abel and Emma in the 1870's when three of their daughters died in their youth. Exactly what happen to their girls is unknown, but by the the close deaths of Nellie and Mary Ella, it might have been some kind of illness.
  • Ruthie, who was only 5 months old at the time, died June 25th, 1873. 
  • Nellie E. born May 17, 1875, died on February 5th, 1877. 
  • Mary Ella, born September 17, 1868, died on February 14th, 1877. 
Abel died, in 1879, just two short years of the death of their daughters. He is burried in St. Johns Cemetery in Moscoda, WI next to his three young daughters.

The real question is: What happened to Emma?

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  1. I checked a few resources for Rochester, wondering if Emma had remarried, no luck. Have you traced the surviving children to see if she ended up with one of them? Perhaps obituaries of the children might give you a clue as to what happened to her. I live in Rochester, if you need anything from the library. I think the newspaper microfilm starts in the 1880s.