Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Marion & Ellen Miller Family

Francis Marion & Ellen (Wood) Miller
From L-R: Ray Miller, Marion Miller, Helena Miller, 
Charles Miller, Ellen Wood, Elzora Miller

A recently found cousin (found through this very blog) asked me if I had any photos of Francis Marion Miller and his wife Ellen Jeanette Wood. We are related through Marion's brother James Madison "Mad" Miller.  Lucky for him, I had scanned this photo some time ago and was happy to share it with him. 

I have two direct-line ancestors in this photo: Marion and his son Charles (center back). The back of the photo says that the photo was taken in 1914 and lists the members of the family (in order!). This photo was most likely taken on their farm in Richwood Township, Richland County, Wisconsin. The writing on the back states that this was taken in 1914, which puts it a year before Charles's marriage to Ruby Dyer.

I love both Ellen and Elzora's hair in the photo. I don't know how they got their hair to stay like that, but it does confirm that my stick straight hair was passed down through my maternal Lindley line!  Little Lena's dress looks like it has some type of sailor-ish collar, but with the quality of the photo it makes it hard to tell. The center-part in Charlie's hair and that crazy grin remind me of my father, even though this isn't his line. 

Most of my ancestors were just average farmers and I have rarely found photos of them. So, I feel extra blessed that we have a copy of this photograph.  


  1. Such a lucky girl to have a pic like this!!

  2. Looks like Charlie is the happiest one in the family! (on that day anyway.) I think Helena must have been who we called Lena.

  3. Lena's daughter Margie Shumate has some incredible photo albums that she brings to the Miller Reunion each June. She also still owns Lena's house in Excelsior, Wisconsin and says that she hasn't changed it much since her mom lived there.

  4. Wonderful photo, Sara. You are lucky to have it indeed!

  5. Sharing photo's is one of the greatest features the internet (and our blogs) provides us. It is always nice to make those connections.

  6. So, are you related to Robert Downey Jr? I looked at Charles' picture and it so reminded me of him. Charles definitely broke away from the mode of the day...serious faces. Too funny.
    Love the picture and I love the hairdo's. Didn't they have something like horse hair buns/donuts they attached their hair around?
    Thank you for sharing.

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