Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Easter

I know I'm a week late on my Easter post, but I still wanted to share...

On Easter, my family and I would attend church just like every Sunday, but on Easter Sunday we donned our frilliest dresses and shiniest shoes. Most years, my mother prepare well in advance for this by carting all three of us girls to the store to buy us special dresses. We always wore cute dresses to church, but somehow, she always found us matching dresses that had yards of laces on them. I remember the old ladies in church making a fuss over how cute we looked in our Easter best.

Secularly, we would attend our village's annual Easter Egg Hunt. They always had prizes for the best dressed, best hat, best basket, etc. I'm pretty sure my sister even won best hat one year and was pictured on the front of the local newspaper.

By far, my favorite memory of Easter was the time we spent with my maternal extended family. We would all gather together for a big meal and then the adults would head outside to hide Easter Eggs. Because of the age differences of the cousins, they would hide some of the eggs super easy for the youngest cousins and others were hidden so well that they were never found. Each egg was filled with candy, change, and there was one special "Golden Egg" that had a monetary "big" bill. Now, as kids, a big bill was $5 and as we got older value of the Golden Egg grew even more!

I'm pictured in the above photo at one of these gatherings, trying to pull an egg out of the drain spout. I'm pretty sure my dad hid that one. :-)


  1. Nice to have such memories. I too had the *Easter* dress and hat every year ;)

  2. We had something similar. Reading your post brought back my own memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How fun. I really haven't any memory of Easter from my childhood years. For my children, I would always make a special heirloom dress for Easter. With four girls, it was hard but meaningful. We always went to my mother in laws for Easter for a family gathering. Missed those days.
    Love the picture.