Friday, July 16, 2010

Ancestral DNA: 25 Marker - Exact Match

We have another match in our second, more detailed, set of Y-chromosome results.  However, this time we only had one exact match out of everyone in the database, but at least he has the Miller surname!  As we test more markers, the chances of finding an exact match decreases.

This exact match at the 25 Marker set makes it a 61.17% probability that we share a common ancestor within the last 4 generations (ie: Ernest, Charley, Marion, & John).  With this recent test, our chance of sharing a common ancestor withing the last 20 generations has increased to 99.12%!  As we test more markers and find matches, the likelihood of an actual common ancestor increases.

Please remember that the Y-chromosome test only tracks the genetic material that is passed along from father to son along our direct paternal line, the Miller's. Our results on G-Ma's maternal lines are still pending.

Sara Beth

© Sara B. Davis - 2010


  1. I've been reading your series on DNA and they are interesting. I used 23andMe and can't find a great map like you used for your results. So I am envious. (I tried to find it, but maybe I need to be a member.) Anyway, is K1a1b1 close to yours? Good luck in making many connections.

  2. Congrats on the success you are having through ancestral DNA. BTW - love the blog redesign.