Monday, July 5, 2010

Ancestral DNA: Y-chromosome 12 Marker Matches

We received our first batch of results!  Our first set that came in are Y-chromosome results, which means that this is testing the genetic material passed along from father to son along our direct paternal line.  In our family this follows our Miller line, including Charley, Marion, and John Miller.

These first Y-chromosome results were 12 Marker, which is one of the more common genetic DNA tests.  With these results we had 75 exact matches.  These results average that there is a 33.57% chance that we share a common ancestor withing the last 4 generations. As you can guess, the more generations we go back, the more likely we are related to them (24 generations back is a 91.41% chance).

Of these 75 matches, only 3 of them had the Miller surname. To better understand how this can be, I would suggest checking out the "Understanding Matches" page over at Family Tree DNA, as they explain it better than I can. Most of our exact matches provide an email address to contact them and all three of our Miller surname matches have them, so I will be contacting them shortly to see if we can match up our family trees.

We also had a 12 Marker - Genetic Distance -1 match to a man with the surname of Moore.  This means that we were identical in all markers, but in one marker we were off by one point.  This result gives us a 7.22% chance of sharing a common ancestor within 4 generations, and a 69.20% chance of sharing a common ancestor within 24 generations. Again, for those of you who wish to understand more, please the visit "Understanding Genetic Distance" page over at Family Tree DNA.

These matches will help us connect with cousins and are essential to expanding our family history research.  Connecting with these distant cousins will make a genetic connection that some of the most extensive paper trails cannot. We are still waiting for the results of the 25 Marker, 37 Marker and 67 Marker tests among others.

I will keep you posted as more results roll in. I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!

Sara Beth

© Sara B. Davis - 2010


  1. Sounds like you have some very promising results. I had my Dad do this test and only had six exact matches with one matching surname... who never replied to my email. Good luck with your results.

  2. I love the website Sara! I can't wait to go back and read all the old entries. I'm working close to 70 hours a week, though, so I should be done by Christmas. Cousin Jenny