Sunday, April 24, 2011

Marriage of William Tyler & Juliane Hanson

I recently ordered a copy of the marriage certificate for Great-Great-Grandparents, William J. Tyler and Juliane Hanson. As the State Historical Society, from which I ordered this document, asks that the image not be shared in digital format, so I have transcribed it here below:

Full name of husband,  William J. Tyler
Name of the father of husband,  Charles Tyler
Name of mother of husband before marriage,  Mary Guard
Occupation of husband,  Laborer
Residence of husband,  Richland Center, Wis.
Birthplace of husband,  Highland, Wis.

Full name of wife previous to marriage,  Juliane Hanson
Name of the father of wife,  H. J. Hanson
Name of mother of wife before marriage,  Nellie Hanson
Birthplace of wife,  Five Points, Wis.

The color of the parties,  White
No. and date of license,  83    June 12 1905
Time when marriage was contracted,  June 17, 1905
The place, town or township and county, where marriage was contracted,  Richland Center
Names of subscribing witnesses,  Chas Tyler and Effie Tyler
Name of person pronouncing marriage,  EG Curtis
Date of certificate or affidavit of marriage,  June 17th 1905
Date of registration,  June 28 1905

From this document I have learned their marriage date of 17 Jun 1905. I've also learned that William was born in Highland, Wisconsin, which is a new bit of information to add to my files. However, the birthplace of Juliane is what I have guessed from the census records of her parents at that time. One other item that stood out to me is that Juliane's mother's name is listed as Nellie, not Antonette. Most of the documents I have found list her as Antonette, but this must have been what her family called her. In a way, it makes me feel closer to the family to know her nickname.

Crawford County WWI Honor Roll - Jule Lomas

A while ago I was searching online for documents to order and ran across a WWI listing for my great-grandfather, Jule Lomas. I don't have a lot of information on Jule and was hoping that the document might tell me his company and was dreaming that it might contain more, maybe an enlistment date. What I received was so much more.

The document I was sent is "Crawford County's Honor Roll; 1917-1918-1919". Not only did the pages I received include a service statement, but there were pictures of several local soldiers, including my great-grandfather! I've include the picture and the text below:

JULE Lomas - (16)
Private, Co. E., 57th Infantry, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Lomas, Boscobel. Entered service April 26, 1918. Trained at Camp Grant, Camp Pike and Camp Logan.

The text is brief and while it gives details, it doesn't say anything beyond his enter date and training locations. Nonetheless, it provides me with enough specific details that I can continue to look for more information.