Monday, June 6, 2011

Sylvia's Diary is now on Twitter!

A couple months ago I was reading through Sylvia's diaries and was once again admiring her brief, but informative, sentences on her daily life in the early 1800's. To this Gen-Y'er, her short choppy sentences reminded me of tweets. As an avid user of Twitter, I wondered what it would be like to read her daily entries, one by one, in the form of a tweet.

So, I got in touch with my contact at the DAR Museum here in DC (the diaries were donated to the museum) and asked if I could tweet the daily entries from the transcripts that they had shared with me. I was given the all-clear a few months ago and am now tweeting away.

The best part is that since her diaries started in March of 1801, I have been able to tweet an almost daily account of from her life 210 years ago! So, come join in the adventure!


  1. I had already started following when I got the email. I remembered reading on your blog. Good tweets. :)

  2. That is so cool. See ya on Twitter. I am so rarely on there now. If I don't use the Tweetdeck to combine Facebook and Twitter I never get caught up.