Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthplaces of Hans and Antonette Hanson

I have very limited knowledge of my Hanson line and have only recently began to explore this line past my GGG-Grandparents, Hans and Antonette Hanson. I have several census documents that state their places of birth as Norway, but have yet to locate the town or region in Norway that they once called home. 

They lived in a Norwegian settlement in rural Wisconsin and it has been very hard to separate my Hans Hanson from the others that lived near them. So, I have started ordering documents from archives that could possibly list a birthplace for Hans and/or Antonette. 

My first record was the marriage certificate of their daughter Juliane. I was not able to gather any information on the family's Norwegian origins from this document. My second document was the death record of their first born son, Magnus. This record did list the birthplace of the parents, but only Norway is written down. 

Back to the drawing board...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Magnus Hanson's Death Record

Magnus Hanson is the son of my GGG-Grandparents Hans and Antonette Hanson. I have very limited knowledge of this family and will share this struggle in a later post. I know that Magnus is buried in the family plot in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Akan, Richland, Wisconsin. 

I was hopeful that by ordering his death record that I might be able to find out more about his short time on earth. I have transcribed the details of this record below:
  • Full name of child: Magnus Hanson
  • Color: White
  • Sex: Male
  • Name of other issue living: Anna H. Joanna A.
  • Full name of father: Hans J. Hanson
  • Occupation of father: Farmer
  • Full name of mother previous to marriage: Antonette Hanson
  • Hour, day of week, of month, and year, of birth: Nov 30 Sun. 10 P.M. 1883
  • Place, town or township, and county in which born: Akan Richland Co
  • Birthplace of father: Norway
  • Birthplace of mother: "
  • Name of physician or person signing certificate or affidavit: Mrs. N. P. Nelson ^ Parent
  • Residence of person last named: Five Points Wis
  • Date of certificate or affidavit: 7 Nov 1893
  • Date of registration: 10 " 1893
  • Any additional circumstances: (none listed)

What we can learn from this record:
  • It states that he was born on November 30, 1883. This date is supported in the cemetery records, on his headstone, and in the Wisconsin Death Index.
  • He was a white male.
  • The names of the "other issue living" are listed as Anna and Joanna. According to my records, Magnus had two older sisters named Annie and Janamalia (this is likely them, but I am struggling to justify that Joanna is Janamalia).
  • His father, Hans J. Hanson, was a farmer. The 1880 and 1900 US Census records for Hans support his occupation of farmer. The 1900 Census also tells us that he owned the land he farmed.
  • I find it interesting that even though it asks for the full name of mother previous to marriage her name is listed as Antonette Hanson instead of Hoff or Huff.
  • I think the exact details of Magnus' birth are the most detailed of anyone in my family tree!
  • His birth location is what I thought based on the homestead of his parents at the time.
  • Magnus' parents were both born in Norway. (I really wish a village or region was listed!)
  • The certificate was created on 7 Nov 1893 and filed on 10 Nov 1893.

I often find that documents I order give me more questions than answers, and true to form, Magnus' death record has done the same. 
  • No actual death date is listed for Magnus. The cemetery record for his burial and the WI Death Index list his date of death as December 10, 1883. His headstone states his years of life as 1883-1883. Magnus is missing from any future census records with the family.
  • Why did it take 10 years for a certificate to be filed? This seems like a ridiculous amount of time to me, but they did live in a rural area and for all we know they might not have been able to speak English at the time. The 1900 US Census asks if people could read, write, and speak English. Hans could do all three and Antonette could speak it. 
  • One big question still remains: What caused his death?