Friday, November 25, 2011

Juliane Hanson's Birth Record

Juliane Hanson is the daughter of my GGG-Grandparents Hans and Antonette Hanson. Using the online search fields through the record office, I had been able to find birth records for Juliane's siblings, but was unable to locate hers.

Two weeks ago, I happened to do a general search for any Hanson in Wisconsin who was born in December 1886 (her date of birth according to a census record) and wouldn't you know it, up comes a Julian Hanson born on December 31, 1886. So, I ordered it.

I have transcribed the details of this record below:
  • Full name of child: Julian Hanson
  • Color: White
  • Sex: Male
  • Name of other issue living: Anna H. Joanna A. Magnus Hilda M.
  • Full name of father: Hans J. Hanson
  • Occupation of father: Farmer
  • Full name of mother previous to marriage: Antonetta Hanson
  • Hour, day of week, of month, and year, of birth: Dec 31 5 A.M. 1886
  • Place, town or township, and county in which born: Akan Richland Co
  • Birthplace of father: Norway
  • Birthplace of mother: "
  • Name of physician or person signing certificate or affidavit: Mrs. N. P. Nelson 
  • Residence of person last named: Five Points Wis
  • Date of certificate or affidavit: 7 Nov 1893
  • Date of registration: 10 Nov 1893
  • Any additional circumstances: (none listed)

What we can learn from this record:
  • Even though it lists Julian(e) as a male, everything else matches the family!
  • She was a white (fe)male. 
  • As with another record I've ordered on this family, the names of other issue living are Anna H. and Joanna (Janamalia?). This time, however, Magnus and Hilda M. have joined the family.
  • Instead of listing the mothers name as Antonette, it is spelled Antonetta.
  • Once again, the full name of mother previous to marriage lists Antonetta Hanson instead of Hoff or Huff.
  • Her birth location is supported by the census records of the family during this time.
  • Julian(e)'s parents were both born in Norway. Still no village name.
  • The certificate was created on 7 Nov 1893 and filed on 10 Nov 1893.

What we still need to determine:
  • Why did it take 10 years for a certificate to be filed? 
  • Why is Juliane listed as a male?

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