Saturday, November 26, 2011

Surname Saturday: Names, Places and Most Wanted Faces

Names and Places
  • BRIGGS: Wisconsin (Crawford County)  1856-present; Ohio (Morgan County) 1824-1860.
  • DYER: Wisconsin (Grant County)  1856-present.
  • GRAY: Wisconsin (Crawford County)  1880-present.
  • HANSON: Wisconsin (Richland County) 1870-present; Norway Pre-1870.
  • HASKINS: Wisconsin (Iowa County, Richland County) 1860-present; Vermont Pre-1860.
  • HEISZ: Wisconsin (Crawford County) 1850-present; Germany (Prussia) Pre-1870.
  • HORTON: Iowa ( Jones County, Madison County) Pre-1900; Wisconsin (Richland County) 1910-present; Vermont (Franklin County) Pre-1860.
  • JERRETT: Wisconsin (Crawford County, Grant County) 1850-present.
  • LINDLEY: Wisconsin (Iowa County, Richland County) 1910-present; Iowa (Jones County) 1850-1910; Indiana (Warren County) 1830-1850; Ohio (Butler County) Pre-1830.
  • LOMAS/LOOMIS: Wisconsin (Grant County) 1845-present; United Kingdom (England) Pre-1845.
  • MILLER: Wisconsin (Crawford County, Richland County) 1880-present; Ohio Pre-1860.
  • MOOK: Wisconsin (Crawford County)  1850-present.
  • STOHER: Wisconsin (Crawford County) 1870-present; Austria Pre-1880.
  • TYLER: Wisconsin (Clark County, Richland County, Wood County) 1880-present; Ohio (Trumbull County) Pre-1860.
  • WILKINSON: Wisconsin (Crawford County, Grant County) 1850-preset; United Kingdom (England) Pre-1850.
  • WOOD: Wisconsin (Crawford County, Grant County) 1860-present.
Most Wanted Faces
  1. HORTON, Amelia Grace.
  2. HANSON, Hans.

Thomas MacEntee, the mastermind behind, has revived Craig Manson of GeneaBlogie's meme from 2009.

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