Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sylvia's Diary: November 1801 Highlights

  • Sylvia attended meetings (church) five time during the month and would have gone a sixth time, but she felt "indisposed" and "tarried at home" instead.
  • Sylvia knitted 14 times and most of her knitting was in the evening hours
  • Sylvia sewed 13 times and worked with a tailoress for a day.
  • Sylvia was quite the social butterfly this month having called on or had visitors ten times. She even attended a ball at her Uncle Abel's house the day after Thanksgiving.

Have you been following along as I tweet my 5th great grandmother's diary? If not, head on over to @SylviasDiary and catch up on her story. Each tweet is one of her short diary entries and it is tweeted 210 years to the day after she wrote it.

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