Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gunda Hanson's Birth Record

I have been on a quest to find a name of a village or region in Norway where Hans and/or Antonette were born. To help this along, I have been ordering a series of records that might list a hometown. You can read about these here and here. This record was ordered as part of this quest.

Gunda Hanson is the daughter of my GGG-Grandparents Hans and Antonette Hanson who lived in Five Points, Akan, Richland, Wisconsin. The only documents I have on Gunda are a series of US Census records that list the family. This post will focus on the details of Gunda's birth.

I have transcribed the details of this record below:
  • Full name of child: Gunda Hanson
  • Color: White
  • Sex: Male
  • Name of other issue living: -
  • Full name of father: Hans J. Hanson
  • Occupation of father: Farmer
  • Full name of mother previous to marriage: Antonette Hanson
  • Hour, day of week, of month, and year, of birth: March 27, Thus 7 PM 1889
  • Place, town or township, and county in which born: Akan Richland Co
  • Birthplace of father: Norway
  • Birthplace of mother: "
  • Name of physician or person signing certificate or affidavit: Mrs. N. P. Nelson  Parents of
  • Residence of person last named: Five Points Wis
  • Date of certificate or affidavit: 7 Nov 1893
  • Date of registration: 10 Nov 1893
  • Any additional circumstances: (none listed)

What we can learn from this record:
  • If Gunda had a middle name, it was not record on this delayed birth record.
  • She is listed as a white male in this record, even through she was a white female.
  • Gunda had several older siblings, but none of them are listed on this record.
  • Her birth location is supported by the census records of the family during this time.
  • The birthplace of her parents is listed as Norway. Still no village name.
  • The certificate was created on 7 Nov 1893 and filed on 10 Nov 1893. These are the same dates as other vital records for the family.


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  2. Hi Sara,

    If you are interested, I have pictures of Gunda Hanson Speidel. She was my grandmother and lived with us for a time when I was a girl before she went into a nursing home. I can fill you in on some of that part of the family. My uncle Clarence Speidel was interested in family history and followed the Speidel side of his ancestry before the internet made this so much easier. My mother, Barbara Antoinette Speidel Detry was probably named after her grandmother Antonette. I have always wondered where the name came from. Her father, Lester, called her "Nettie" according to stories my mother told.

    I guess we're distant cousins!

    Carol Ann Detry Amundson
    Scandia, MN