Thursday, December 29, 2011

Olga Hanson's Birth Record

I have been on a quest to find a name of a village or region in Norway where Hans and/or Antonette were born. To help this along, I have been ordering a series of records that might list a hometown. You can read about these here and here. This record was ordered as part of this quest.

Olga Hanson is the daughter of my GGG-Grandparents Hans and Antonette Hanson who lived in Five Points, Akan, Richland, Wisconsin. The only documents I have on Olga are a series of US Census records that list the family. This post will focus on the details of Olga's birth.

I have transcribed the details of this record below:
  • Full name of child: Olga Hanson
  • Color: White
  • Sex: Male
  • Name of other issue living: -
  • Full name of father: Hans J. Hanson
  • Occupation of father: Farmer
  • Full name of mother previous to marriage: Antonette Hanson
  • Hour, day of week, of month, and year, of birth: Sept 20, Sun 8 PM 1891
  • Place, town or township, and county in which born: Akan Richland Co
  • Birthplace of father: Norway
  • Birthplace of mother: "
  • Name of physician or person signing certificate or affidavit: Mrs. N. P. Nelson  Parents of
  • Residence of person last named: Five Points Wis
  • Date of certificate or affidavit: 7 Nov 1893
  • Date of registration: 10 Nov 1893
  • Any additional circumstances: (none listed)

What we can learn from this record:
  • If Olga had a middle name, it was not record on this delayed birth record.
  • She is listed as a white male in this record, even through she was a white female.
  • Gunda had several older siblings, but none of them are listed on this record.
  • Her birth location is supported by the census records of the family during this time.
  • The birthplace of her parents is listed as Norway. Still no village name.
  • The certificate was created on 7 Nov 1893 and filed on 10 Nov 1893. These are the same dates as other vital records for the family.

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