Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sylvia's Diary: January 1802 Highlights

  • Sylvia continues her tradition of sweeping the meeting house at least once a month. 
  • In addition to attending meetings (church) three times, she attended a conference in the evening. 
  • Sylvia continued to attend a special ciphering (math) school that was taught by a Mr. Botsford in the evenings.
  • By far, Sylvia's most wrote about activity was once again knitting (15 mentions this month), followed closely by sowing (11 mentions this month).
  • In the later half of the month, Sylvia spins heavily (9 times in 11 days).
Have you been following along as I tweet my 5th great grandmother's diary? If not, head on over to@SylviasDiary and catch up on her story. Each tweet is one of her short diary entries and it is tweeted roughly 200 years later.

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