Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marriage of Judson Wilkinson & Emeline Gray

I recently ordered a copy of the marriage certificate for Great-Great-Grandparents, Judson Wilkinson and Emeline Gray. As the state historical society from which I ordered this document, asks that the image not be shared in digital format, so I have transcribed it here below:

Full name of husband, Judson Wilkinson
Name of the father of husband, John W. Wilkinson
Name of mother of husband before marriage, Ellen Trollop
Occupation of husband, Farmer
Residence of husband, Town of Scott, Wis.
Birthplace of husband, Town of Little, Grant Co.

Full name of wife previous to marriage, Emeline Gray
Name of the father of wife, Brazy Gray
Name of mother of wife before marriage, Mary Pickett
Birthplace of wife, Excelsior, Wis.

The color of the parties, White
No. and date of license, Feb. 2 - 1905
Time when marriage was contracted, Feb 2. - 1905
The place, town or township and county, where marriage was contracted, Boscobel, Wis.
By what ceremony contracted, M. E. Church
Names of subscribing witnesses, W. J. Elliott Mirtie Gray
Name of person pronouncing marriage, E. G. Vischer Minister of the Goshel
Residence of person last named, Boscobel Wis.
Date of certificate or affidavit of marriage,
Date of registration, Feb. 14 - 1905

I'm intrigued by this document. The index I found online and ordered the document from listed the following information:

Last Name: Gray
First Name: Emeline
Day: 12
Month: February
Year: 1905
County: Crawford

Upon receipt of the document, several of these facts differ, mainly the date of the marriage (not listed on the actual document - it was blank) and that the county was listed as Crawford. The document lists Boscobel, Wis. as the marriage location, which is in Grant County. The Town of Scott, where Judson was living is very close to Boscobel and that might have been the mailing address at that time. 

None of the other information surprised me and was to be expected. I had not know the exact birthplaces of Judson or Emeline. My favorite part of this document is that it lists maiden names for both mothers! It has been a struggle for me to find documentation connecting a woman to her maiden name.