Sunday, July 29, 2012

Genealogy Road Trip | Lindley Hill Lane

My sister Courtney joined me for a three-day genealogy road trip in June 2012. I am writing a series of posts that shared the stories and sights of our adventure. This is Part 4.
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When I first learned my ancestors helped settle and were buried in Prosperity I expanded my research beyond and Googled our surnames. This is how I found the Lindley Fort and the settlement story. I then pulled up Google Maps and started looking for the locations that were described in the stories and documents I had found online. What I didn't expect to find when looking around the small community of Prosperity was the Lindley surname was attached to a road on the edge of town.

Before leaving DC, I had written directions on how to find the lane and we didn't have any trouble finding it once we had arrived in town. Luckily for us, the sign, while faded, still stood and we were able to stop and take some photos.

Lindley Hill Lane was not much more than a gravel lane that lead up a hill to a farm and a mining plot. We drove up the lane as much as we could, but there were no trespassing signs posted near the top and while we thought they were for the mining plot, we weren't for sure and decided to leave. The road split near the top and provided a nice turn around and some pleasant views of town and of the Upper Ten Mile Church (more on that in my next post).

I know there are still some Lindley's living in Prosperity and have been in contact with a the nephew of one of them. I plan on making another trip in the next year so that I can try to look at church and vital records, and if I'm lucky, meet some distant cousins.

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