Saturday, July 14, 2012

Genealogy Road Trip

At the end of June, I set off on a week-long road trip to the Midwest. My sister (who lives in Iowa) flew out to DC to join me on the drive back home. My sister is amazing. Seriously, how many 20-somethings do you know who fly to the east coast to drive with her sister back to her starting destination over a long weekend? I'm not joking when I say, hubs and I picked her up at the airport around dinner time, drove back to our neck of the woods, grabbed some grub at our favorite restaurant, drove to the grocery store and picked up snacks, and then slept for a few hours before hitting the road at 6 a.m. the next morning! She's amazing! :)

It may sound crazy to most people, but us Heisz's are always up for an adventure and road trips are our favorite avenue. Adventuring, as we call it, is in our blood. This adventure allowed us to trace the steps of our ancestors from the east coast to the Midwest, making four stops in three states.

Our first stop was in Prosperity, Pennsylvania, to visit the resting place of our Lindley/Day relatives (stop B in the image). Our second stop was in Marr, Ohio, to visit resting place of our Miller/Martin relatives (stop C in the image). Our third stop was in Oxford, Ohio, to visit the resting place of more Lindley/Day relatives (stop D in the image). Our fourth and final stop on the drive out was near Covington, Indiana, to visit one of our Lindley relatives (stop E in the image).

(Click on the image to enlarge.)
Over the next few weeks I will be writing posts about our stops along the way, writing about the people we met and the resting places we visited. There was the farmer who lent us a four wheeler, tons of no trespassing signs, and how can we forget the guy with a gun? It was quite the adventure!


  1. How fun! I can't wait to read about your adventures. Is your sister into genealogy, too?

  2. It was a blast, Amy! My sister doesn't research like I do, but she likes to know about all of my findings. Plus, she and my mom are my legs back in the Midwest, walking cemeteries, taking photos and even doing some vital record digging. :)