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Genealogy Road Trip | Upper Ten Mile United Presbyterian Church Cemetery

My sister Courtney joined me for a three-day genealogy road trip in June 2012. I am writing a series of posts that shared the stories and sights of our adventure. This is Part 5.
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From the top of Lindley Hill Lane, we had a wonderful view across the shallow valley to our next stop: Upper Ten Mile United Presbyterian Church and Cemetery. I've read online that on of my ancestors donated the land for the church and cemetery.

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I first read about the Upper Ten Mile United Presbyterian Cemetery several years ago. As one of the main attractions in the Prosperity for much-researched Lindley/Lindly family, it is often mentioned in online forum posts. Some of these posts even claim that on of my ancestors donated the land for the church and cemetery. So, like most family history-oriented people, I've been wanting to visit since I knew it existed, and I must say, it was well worth the wait.

The church and cemetery were easy to locate, and after successfully navigating the car up the steep drive, we parked near the church. I was a bit stunned at the vastness of the cemetery. From the view on Lindley Hill Lane, I knew the cemetery sat high on the hill, what I didn't realize was that it also continued down the hill and curved around the church. My head started spinning because there were a lot of stones we wanted to locate and photograph and I wasn't sure we would be able to find them all in our short time allowance.

Nonetheless, we were committed and gathered our supplies: camera, a direct ancestors burial list, a list of surname that fit in our tree, pens, and clipboards (a solid writing surface is more useful than you would think when it comes to checking off names and make notes).

The older section of the cemetery appeared to be near the church, so we started there. We were mere seconds into our search and Courtney had already found some Day stones! Luck was on our side and we could barely take a few steps without stumbling into another Day or Lindley relative- it was amazing!

Within 10 minutes we had found the two headstones that drew us to this cemetery in the first place.   The headstones of Demas and Joanna (Prudden) Lindly, our 6th great-grandparents, were well shaded from the afternoon sun under an old maple tree. Their headstones were in amazing condition considering their age.

Demas and Joanna shared a plot with three other stones: Daniel Lindly, Joseph Lindly, and a small stone that was behind the others that simply said "J. L.". I'm going to have to do a bit more research into the others, as Daniel is the only one I can place. The others are likely siblings to our Isaac, but I would like to know for sure.

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After wandering for a while longer, we had checked off most of the names on our list and had taken pictures of each. It was so peaceful. It was hard to leave Prosperity, when there was so much to see and I wanted to hang around and talk to people, but our tight schedule didn't allow for it. So, we headed North to Washington, PA, where we found the interstate and headed West.

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  1. I'm amazed that you were able to find everything you were looking for in such a large cemetery! Congratulations! I think it is very touching to know you are standing in the exact spot where some of your ancestors said goodbye to their loved ones.