Sunday, October 7, 2012

Genealogy Road Trip | Marr, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio

My sister Courtney joined me for a three-day genealogy road trip in June 2012. I am writing a series of posts that shared the stories and sights of our adventure. This is Part 10.
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As we wound our way out of the hills Courtney and I chatted at length about the cemetery, Mr. Burkhart, and Marr. The road out of Marr eventually started to follow a ridgeline and we were able to get a few bars of cell service. We were eager to call our mother and share the day's adventures with her. After a few attempts and several dropped calls we were able to get in touch with her.

We put her on speaker phone so we both could chat and barely got to the first stop on the trip when we lost our connection. She had been so excited to hear from us that we wanted to share more, so we pulled into the gravel parking lot of a country church at the crest of a hill and called her back. We shared the highlights of our day with her and explained our plans for Day 2.

After we hung up with her, we both realized that we were quite parched from the days events. Reaching into the cooler, we discovered that the ice had melted leaving our beverages luke warm, with no mini-mart in sight. Courtney reached for our glass bottles of pop from our quick trip to the general store in Marr and luckily they were still a little on the cool side as they had been left in the shade. At this point, we wanted nothing more than a refreshing cool drink. Unfortunately, in true general-store-style, the tops were pop-off, not twist-off and we didn't have a bottle opener.

We searched the SUV for something to open them and didn't have any luck. Before I could think of another way to open them, Courtney was out the door and walking towards the edge of the parking lot with her bottle in hand. I stared at her in confusion until I saw her stop at the guardrail lining the edge of the lot, settle the bottle top edge on it, and with the hands of a bartender, used the metal to pop the top off. She smiled, lifted the bottle towards me and then took a sip. She returned to the Rav reached for my bottle and said "that's how us country girls do it." She rocks. ;)

We got back on the road, rolled the windows down and blasted some country radio. It was an enjoyable and relaxing ride as we caught up on the happenings in each others lives. Too soon, we had made our way to the interstate. We stopped for gas and then started heading further west into Ohio as the following day we would make a stop near the Ohio/Indiana border. We pulled off the interstate for a quick bite to eat and got back on the road. After about another hour or so of driving we found a hotel near Dayton, checked in and went to sleep as we needed to recharge for the second day of our genealogy road trip.

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  1. Sara - I recently read your "blog" about your stop to the general store in Marr, Ohio. Really?? Isn't it AMAZING to you - NOT everyone is from the city??? You have not a clue as to what you are talking about. You know NOTHING about the people that have grown up in Marr, Ohio. You know NOTHING about the people that built that store and have operated it for the past 100plus years. Here's an idea - STAY in "D.C." or wherever you are from. Grow up and realize there USE to be world without cellphones and "navigation systems"....but in that world YOU wouldn't have been smart enough to FIND Marr, Ohio - right??? Happy "blogging".