Saturday, February 23, 2013

Genetic Genealogy | Genome-Wide Comparison

Now that the test results for both my personal and my maternal grandmothers tests are available, I've been using a lot of the features to run comparisons between our results. One of my new favorite areas to play around in has been the Family Inheritance section.

My favorite sub-feature is the GrandTree section. When placing myself and my maternal grandmother in the dummy family tree, it allows me to see which traits I inherited on my maternal side from my grandfather and grandmother. I've included the results from select traits below:

Weight/Body Mass Index
Genes related to weight/body mass index.
  • Maternal grandfather: 38% 
  • Maternal grandmother: 62% 
  • This makes sense as I do have the build of my maternal grandmother's family.

Immune System Compatibility
Genes related to histocompatibility.
  • Maternal grandfather: 100% 
  • Maternal grandmother: 0%
  • Hopefully G-Ma doesn't need an organ transplant from me... I doubt with these results that I would be a match. Also, my immune system is crappy... thanks Grandpa!

Genes related to skin, eye, and hair color.
  • Maternal grandfather: 38% 
  • Maternal grandmother: 62%
  • I do have my Grandma's skin color and our eyes are similar in color too. 

Genome-Wide Comparison
Lastly, I was able to run a genome-wide comparison that analyses 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes. For this purpose, the sex chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA are excluded.
  • Maternal grandfather: 48% 
  • Maternal grandmother: 62%
  • My maternal grandmother and I share a special connection, so it makes me happy to know that even when distance separates us, she's always walking around with me. 

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