Wish List

Below is a list of documents I am actively looking for:

Marriage Certificates:

My Great-Grandparents

  • Edward Francis Heisz and Mollie M. Briggs
  • Julius Lomas and Hazel M. Wilkinson
  • Charles Francis Miller and Ruby M. Dyer
  • Ernest E. Lindley and Esther Marie Tyler

My Great-Great-Grandparents

  • Lincoln David Heisz and Thressa Stoher
  • Matthew Lomas and Mary T. Jerrett
  • Judson Wilkinson and Emeline Gray - Ordered 3/26/2011
  • Marion Francis Miller and  Ellen Jeanette Wood
  • John Franklin Dyer and Estella Haskins
  • Ulysses G. Lindley and Amelia G. Horton
  • William John Tyler and Juliana Hanson - Ordered 3/26/2011

My Great-Great-Grandparents

  • Thomas Lomas and Esther Edge (England)
  • John Miller and Elizabeth M. Keene (Washington County, Ohio)
  • William Samuel Dyer and Barbary Ann Hinton
  • Edmund Haskins and Elizabeth King
  • Amsey Lindley and Nancy Bickerstaff
  • Jasper L Horton and Louisa Stills
  • Charles R. Tyler and Mary Jane Gard
  • Hans J Hanson and Antonette Hoff